Welcome to Hypnocat Writing Solutions

Do you want a freelance copywriter who provides clear, concise words without the fuss? Perhaps you need a HR qualified CV writer to make you stand out from the crowd? Or are you a writer looking for an editor and proofreader to polish and shine your manuscript? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

And, if you’re a book-writing business owner, who wants to update your CV, then you have undeniably hit the jackpot!

We are a forward-thinking team of two with experience in copywriting, web content creation, SEO articles, recruitment and marketing. Furthermore, we hold qualifications in Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading, Digital Marketing and HR. We are also well practiced in the art of drinking hot drinks and consuming various types of cake.

Fully hydrated and with our bellies full, Hypnocat Writing Solutions can provide you with the right words and use our skills and experience to solve all your writing needs.

Read on to find out more about what we do and how we can help you.

Manchester from the air - courtesy of Mylo Kaye - Pexels

Our home city of Manchester from the air

A few things we will do (and some things we won’t)

Our aim is to solve all your writing needs to help get you noticed, but there are also some things we won’t do. Not because we’re lazy and can’t be bothered, but it wouldn’t seem right doing them. Read on, and you’ll see what we mean.

we will Provide high quality copy for businesses

We write effective SEO and  Blog Articles, we can manage your social media, produce  press releases, design leaflets and brochures, create informative  newsletters, and give HR Assistance.

We want to support you and your business, so let us help you get noticed.


From creating a brand spanking new CV, to updating an  existing document. From writing a killer cover letter, to assistance with  application forms. We will work hard to get you noticed and give you an advantage over the rest.

Whatever stage in your career, we are here to help you get the job you want.

WE WILL Support writers to get it right

If you’re someone who puts words on pages, digital or print, we can help you. Whether you’re a writer, copywriter, journalist or blogger, we provide an editing and proofreading service, which includes manuscripts, short stories, articles and web content.

We will check your spelling, grammar and punctuation, ensuring your work is ready.

We will inform and share our knowledge

We write regular articles for our blog, which can be anything from industry news  to ‘how to‘ pieces. We also produce articles on  awareness days, fun facts and  information that affect your business.

It will give you a chance to see the quality of our work and how we can help you.

We won’t charge the earth for words

While each project will be individually quoted for, our promise is not to overcharge for our work. An independent team of two, we aim not to outsource to another freelance copywriter, but if we did, the cost would come to us, not you.

We won’t Use unnecessary words to make things sound good

We aim to keep our words geared towards the target market. If they don’t respond to complex words, we won’t use them. It defeats the object if your audience have to use a dictionary to understand what is being said.

We won’t fail to communicate with you

Even if we have bad news, like a delayed deadline due to a localised volcanic eruption, we will still be in touch, and let you know our house is currently swimming in lava and things may be a little late.

Why your business needs a copywriter

You know how to write. You understand words. So why do you need a freelance copywriter? No one will doubt your ability to write excellent sentences and paragraphs, and put them together in a legible format. However, a copywriter can help you achieve more than just throwing words together.

Providing the words for your target market

We research your target market by understanding your business. By doing this, we’re able to understand their wants and needs, so we can tailor your content to what your audience will want to read.

write clear and Concise Copy without the fuss

Some people have a built-in ability to waffle, and on the internet, people get bored when they are given too much information. A copywriter will take what you have to say, condense it, yet still get the key message across.

Ignite conversations

Social media interaction is essential in today’s world and vital to your business. By getting people talking about your brand, it gets you noticed.

Generate inbound traffic

Great web content drives visitors to your site. More visitors create leads, leads create customers and customers create business, and it all starts with well-written, targeted content.

Why jobseekers need a copywriter

We don’t use our clever words just to promote businesses. With invaluable HR experience, Hypnocat can use them to help you too. Copywriting is not just about using words to sell products and services; they are also used to sell you, your skills and experience. A freelance copywriter can do just that for you.

is CV Writing A nightmare?

At some point, we’ve all sat staring at an application form with a blank mind, like it’s written in a foreign language. Or maybe you’re just one of those people who finds it difficult to talk about themselves, and CV writing is your own personal nightmare.

We can help you

If you struggle to answer the questions: What words do I use to grab someone’s attention? How do I stand out from the crowd? Is my grammar up to scratch? Don’t sit with your head in your hands – we are here to help.

our words and experience will give you the edge

With the correct key and power words, and the winning combination of copywriting skills and HR experience, your CV will be noticed by potential employers, giving you a fair advantage over the competition.

We Help Other Writers Too

Writing for a living can be difficult when you don’t have the appropriate support, and some writers have to edit and proofread their own material. While this is okay to do, it’s not ideal as you get so connected to the piece. Glaringly obvious mistakes can be missed, overlooked or simply ignored. But there comes a time in every writer’s life when they need an editor and proofreader.

A beta read through

Prior to any editing or proofreading, the piece is read in its entirety to identify any immediate issues. Our findings are then communicated to you in a constructive manner that is easily understood. We work with you to achieve the best outcome.


We check your work to ensure it flows right, sounds good and there are no inconsistencies. You don’t want Bill to suddenly become Billy or Will. It’s mistakes like this that can be the downfall of many writers.


Once the edit is done, we proofread the document. Spotting differences between write, right and rite, or there, their and they’re is crucial to the success of a piece of work. We will ensure your work is of the highest possible standard before returning to you for approval. All our work falls within  CIEP standards

Why Choose Hypnocat

Running a business in today’s economic world is hard enough without having to navigate social media, deal with self-promotion and handling your basic recruitment needs. Your time could be better spent concentrating on your customers, products and creativity. So let us help get you noticed.

Hypnocat’s team of two consists of an experienced freelance copywriter, proofreader and part-certified digital marketer, who also has a background in care, recruitment and HR. We also have a qualified editor and proofreader to ensure all your copywriting needs are fully ready for your approval.

We want your experience with us to be easy and relaxing, like a cat sleeping in the midday sun. Let us take care of your copy while you take care of you.

Location is not an issue

Hypnocat is based in Greater Manchester, but we service any area because we love learning about and visiting new places. 

As a freelance copywriter, our work is fully remote and we will cover any location across the UK. From Land’s End to John O’Groats and everywhere in between.

We Look after you

You are important to us. We take pride in our work to give you quality material every time.

We will make sure you are competitive in the current market and your voice is heard

…loud and clear.

we want to see you succeed

We’re nice people. We want nothing better than to see you achieve your potential. Regardless of who you are, we will be with you and see your dreams of success come to fruition.

Photo of sleeping squishy cat © Gee Cummings