Standing out from the crowd

Have you ever stood in a crowded room and spotted a person you want to speak to, but, because of the volume of people between you, it’s difficult to get their attention? You need to make yourself be seen, so you wave to them and call their name while pushing your way through the throngs of bodies. Finally, they see you and can now hear what you have to say.

SEO is the digital version of that scenario. You publish an article, but, because of the volume of articles on similar subjects already on the internet, it’s difficult for your target audience to see it and therefore hear your message. Using SEO helps cut through the other content so it gets to your audience. It is making your content stand out above the digital crowd. To be seen, you need to utilise SEO.

What is SEO and why do I need it?

SEO makes your articles stand out above all the others because they meet the keywords and phrases that people are looking for. Ask a search engine a question and it takes the main words from your request and displays the most appropriate results (well, most of the time). If you’re planning a content marketing campaign, you will need to focus on the fundamentals of SEO. 

How do i use a keyword?

When you identify a keyword you want to use, you will not only need to incorporate this into the article, but make it look natural. You also need to use it enough times for a search engine to pick it up, but not too much to stop the engines from indexing. It’s all about balance in the article.

Use it with blogs too

Articles are informative about your products, services or industry, but a blog can be about you or your company. Does SEO differ because it’s a blog? Simple answer is no. Whether blogging about your company or an impending alien invasion, you use SEO to get your blog read. 

Don’t let keywords ruin the article

You may be inclined to focus so much on the keywords that you forget the focus of the article. If that happens, you may end up with a piece that gets lots of search engine hits, but means absolutley nothing. Keywords are one part of the article, not the whole article. Unless you’re writing about keywords, in which case, crack on.

Keyword stuffing is a real problem – honest

We’re not making this up, but keyword stuffing is a real thing and publishers can get sanctions from search engines if they use a keyword too much. There are tools that can help identify the number of times a keyword should be used, and is dependent on the length of text on a page. However, overuse will land you on the virtual naughty step.

Where we come in

Working with SEO can be a great source of stress, headaches and a desire to see what happens when you drop a laptop from a great height (spoiler alert – it breaks and you have to buy a new one). Hypnocat undertands SEO, so we’re well placed to work with you to get your articles written, published and read by your target audience.

We take the stress from you

You have your business to think about without the additional stress of asking ‘is my content good enough?’ We take that stress from you and make it ours. it’s what we do. Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver it, so no harm need come to any laptops from a great height.

No agency involvement

We are fully freelance and do all the work ourselves. Agencies tend to charge higher fees, but pay a lower amount to the writers. Since all work is done directly with us, we can keep our costs lower. In the current climate, who doesn’t want that?

All work is Fully edited and proofread

Hiring an external editor and proofreader can delay publication, as well as adding further costs. Therefore, all articles are edited and proofread in house as standard, which makes things a lot easier than articles going back and forth.

100% researched and SEO optimised

We spend time not only researching the article, but the best keywords and phrases to use. There are tools available that identify the most popular keywords and we incorporate them seamlessley into your articles.

What makes a great SEO writer?

You know how to write and what you want to say, so why do you need someone else to write it for you? And what makes them so good at what they do?

Research is in their blood

A great writer researches your content to within an inch of its life, gaining information from valuable and reliabe sources. They don’t just write, they understand. And by understanding, they can reach and entertain your audience.

They live by their work

A content writer won’t do a bad job for you. If they do, they won’t get paid. And what’s worse than not getting paid? No repeat business from you, a bad reputation and no money for coffee and donuts.

They understand how seo works

A great content writer knows how SEO works and how to optimise your article, so your readers can find it effortlessly.

Bring in more visitors – and sales

91% of online transactions start with an internet search, but lessens if your content isn’t found. A freelance content writer creates the words to attract visitors, and the potential for higher sales increases.