Beta Reading Matters

So you’ve produced a piece of written work. You’ve spent hours proofreading and editing it yourself. And now you’re ready to share your work with the wider world.

You’ll be eager to hit the staff editors, literary agents and publishers (not literally although after 10 rejections, it becomes an option), in the hope that they tell you how wonderful your work is and that they want to use it immediately.

The reality is, it rarely happens that way. Some will politely say no while others just won’t reply. Writers who have their books professionally edited stand a greater chance of publication. And if it’s self-publishing you are looking for, a properly edited manuscript will do wonders for your reviews – and sales.

Why You Need A Beta Reader

Beta Reading is the first, vital step to finding out what others think. You can give this job to a family member, but unless they really hate you (in which case, why give them your work?) they are likely to tell you it’s good and they enjoyed it. What you may not get is real, workable feedback on how to improve or keep their interest.

Your need a Beta Reader – an independent person who doesn’t know you and isn’t there to appease you, stroke your ego or will take your money just to tell you how wonderful it is.

A Beta Reader highlights inconsistencies in the plot, debatable scenarios or questions whether a character would speak or act in such a way.

Yes, we charge for this as a stand-alone service, but it is not charged for if a writer opts for one of our editorial service. At the end of the day, you want to be sure your book is perfect before sending those nerve-wracking queries.

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