What do we offer you, the writer?

We provide a range of services for writers. Whether you’re a journalist, blogger or story-teller, we can help you. Our packages are designed to make sure they meet your requirements. If you want editing and proofreading or just an opinion of your work, Hypnocat is here for you. And remember, all our work is is to CIEP standard.

Beta Reading

We will read you work from start to finish and give you an honest, professional and unbiased opinion. 


We will edit your piece, advise of changes and make sure your works flows to the highest standard.


We take the time to perform spelling, punctuation and grammatical checks so your work is perfect.

Book Blurb

We write the text for the back of your book to compel readers to buy your work and boost your sales.

Photo: Bookshelf of some of Hypnocat’s favourite books. © Gee Cummings

Our Writers Blog

Here, you will find our latest pieces for you, the writer, giving you help and advice in the world of writing and publishing. Please feel free to contact us if you there is something you would like to see where. We will be covering everything from the importance of editing and proofreading, to pieces about the writing industry.

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