Up to now, we’ve been all about business and professionalism (well almost). Now here’s a chance to learn a little about us and see what we’re about. We are a symbiotic husband and wife team who get through the days on coffee, laughter and serious discussions, such as who would win a fight between Batman and Spiderman? (Clue: it isn’t Batman). 

Pete ‘Penfold’ Cummings

Writer, Marketer and Recruitment Specialist

Cor chief! As a freelance copywriter, Pete takes care of all copy and content writing projects. He is also a qualified HR professional, specialising in recruitment and a certified Digital Marketer. Pete is also a published indie author.

Pete spent fourteen years in the insurance industry, before spending a year working for a sports governing body and a year in IT. He then spent over ten years in the care industry where he gained his recruitment experience and qualifications. He also produced marketing material, wrote the content for company websites and handled all social media accounts, even gaining first hand experience of running a business.

As a freelance writer, he has written articles for Indeed, but has recently been producing more articles for businesses. He takes his time studying a subject and ensures it is fully understood before putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). With Pete, your copy is in very safe and capable hands.

Gee ‘Bear’ Cummings

Proofreader, Researcher and Designer

A freelance researcher, editor and proofreader, Gee edits and proofreads all Pete’s work, ensuring it is of a high standard, as well as performing SEO keyword research. Gee is also a published indie author and a scientifically proven super-recogniser.

Gee spent several years working at the same insurance company as Pete, but left to raise the family. As well as being devoted mother, Gee developed her already well-established crafting skills, to produce greetings cards, cushions and hand-made soft toys to sell in her own online craft shop. She also created scented Christmas decorations, which went down a treat with customers.

Working in this area helped Gee develop her keen eye for detail and increased her experience of designing visually appealing products. Gee puts them to use when developing leaflets for marketing campaigns, and knows exactly what goes together and what simply doesn’t work. 

What we do in our personal time

When not helping businesses with their content, Pete is an avid gamer and can often be found on the Fortnite island, running round thinking he knows what he’s doing. He is a huge science fiction fan and can recite most of the Star Wars films word for word. He can actually play out Episodes III, IV and V in their entirety. Pete is a rare breed of sci-fi fan who also loves Star Trek, but if he had to choose one, he’d rather sit in the cockpit of a X-Wing. He is addicted to Wordle, Sudoku and other associated games.

Other than keeping Pete on his toes, Gee is also an avid gamer, and can often gets herself lost in RPG’s. She loves to get engrossed in anime and romance stories, and was into Korean dramas long before Squid Game made it popular. Gee also loves the Japanese culture and, although she hasn’t quite mastered the language yet, she has got rather good at making sushi and no, it’s not just raw fish. Gee is a talented artist  with a very keen eye for detail, who likes to set her creative free, and has recently got into character drawing. She is also continuing to work on the two sequels to her debut novel.

How Did Hypnocat Start?

For some time, we had been talking about starting a business together, and after both of us lost our jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic, we decided one day (over coffee and donuts) to take the plunge and do something for ourselves.

Both of us are writers so it made sense to work in that industry, and the Copywriting and Proofreading area was ideal for us. We work extremely well together and the time was right so why not?

We decided that we wanted to work with local businesses and people . All had suffered in some way from the pandemic, so we wanted to offer a service to businesses in the Greater Manchester and general North West area to help them get back on their feet. However, we have since gone a little more international so our virtual doors are open to all.

We also wanted to help people who are looking for jobs. The pandemic left many people unemployed, so if we can help, we will. And as writers, we know the struggles new authors face when they have written a book.