Your website, our words – the perfect match

A website and content are like a car and fuel. You can have either independently, but unless you put them together, you’re going nowhere. A web developer can create a perfect and beautiful site, but without the words, it’s nothing but a shell. It’s an empty house without a family. A party with no guests. It’s a…you get the idea. If you haven’t the time to provide the words then a solution is simple – hire a website content writer.

Why hire a website content writer?

A website content writer focuses on the static words of your website pages. The landing pages, home page and everything in between is covered to get your message across and improve your search engine rankings in the process.

What does a website content writer do?

Website content writers provide the words that your visitors see when they first land on your website. The right words lure the visitors in and keeps them interested. Without them, your site can look unprofessional.

I can definitley do this myself, can’t I?

True, and if you have the time, get it done. However, if your web designer keeps chasing you for content, you may need to outsource in order to get your website live as soon as possible.

How will they know my business?

A website content writer takes their time to understand your business, industry and target audience. They are great at research and know exactly how to create the words that stand out and attract visitors.

Isn’t a content writer expensive?

Not always. Copywriters charge either by the hour, by the word or fixed rate, but are flexible and will work with you and your budget.

Where we come in

We can help you with your web content, whether it’s a complete re-write or you just want to spruce it up, we’re here to help.

We write your content

A landing page? About us? Products and services? Your web designer will take care of the layout while we handle the words.

Find the right keywords

Pages are found through SEO. We research and employ the right keywords for your site to get you found online.

We take time to understand your business

We love research and we analyse your business, industry and target audience to give you the best, fully optimised words to get your visitors to where you want them to be – on your website!


We don’t just dive in, we discuss with you and your developer the tone and style required so your website will stand out, just the way you want it to.

Four reasons to hire a content writer

Hiring a website content writer is a good move for business owners, especially if you don’t have time to provide content. However, here’s a few more reasons for you to think about.

Improve your SEO

On the internet, SEO is king and if you’re not optimised, you won’t get found. It’s that simple. An optimised site is a high ranking site and a content writer can help improve your rankings.

Save yourself some time

Time is money, so they say, and your time is better spent on your current customers. A professional writer takes away the choice between your customers and your copy, so you can have the best of both worlds.

No jargon, just straight up copy

You may know what you’re talking about, but your visitors may not. A professional writer will cut the jargon from your copy and put it in words your audience will understand and connect with.

bad writing gives a poor impression

We’re not saying you’re bad at writing, but when it comes to website content, a professional writer makes your copy look thought-out and gives a great first impression to your visitors.