Social Media – not just a platform for arguing

Social media has made huge advances since Facebook opened its virtual doors to everyone in 2006. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn soon followed, and businesses began to realise the power these platforms had, to enable them to sell their products and services. Despite the toxicity of some parts of the platforms, social media is not just an extra marketing option, but an essential part of a marketing campaign for businesses and individuals. If you want to get ahead in today’s business world, you’ll need to understand and utilise social media.

Why use social media?

Social media is a doorway to a huge and diverse range of existing and potential customers. It provides you with an opportunity to interact with consumers, promote your services and receive honest feedback. Some of the benefits of using social media for business are:

to Connect to your audience

Social media platforms open up an entire world for businesses to connect with their audience. From comments to complaints, business owners can see how their products and services are being viewed from those who are buying them.

lead generation

Generating leads through social media is a trend that continues to grow. It’s an opportunity for consumers interested in products or services, to make enquiries without the pressure to buy.

Effectively promote your content

An estimated 4.62 billion people use social media. That’s more than half of the population of the planet that your products and services can potentially reach. Effective social media posts can attract new customers, letting them know who you are and what you do.

keep an eye on the competition

Social media is an excellent way to watch what your competition is up to. Are they undergoing a new campaign? If so, what is the customer interaction rate? What are the comments? Social media is a good way to gauge the competition and react accordingly.

What we can do for you

We make your virtual voice heard on social media so your customers, and potential customers, can contact, interact and find out more about what you can offer.

Analyse your target Audience

We learn about the audience you’re targeting and choose the right platform to reach them. For example, if the over 50’s is your target, Facebook and Twitter will be best as they’re unlikely to use Snapchat or Instagram.

adapt text for different platforms

All platforms use a different way of communicating. Facebook is different to Twitter, Instagram different to Snapchat while LinkedIn is just different entirely. Your posts need to reflect the type of users, so we adapt the posts to suit.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are used to reach an audience that is outside the scope of your followers. Using the right hashtags gets interactions from people you didn’t even know existed. We search for and find the right hashtags for your #business so you can #increaseyouraudience and #growyourbusiness.

Focus on your business

Business posts are there to attract new custom, not to alienate people with personal views on governments or beliefs. All posts are written solely with your business and customers firmly in mind, in the professional manner they deserve.

A few tricks to remember

Social Media can be a fantastic marketing tool, but there are a few things to remember before hitting that post button:

Watch your words

Social media users love nothing more than correcting people. Whether it’s you’re and your or their, there and they’re, there’s always someone with a dictionary out, poised to correct you.

Keep opinions personal

You may be tempted to launch a tirade against a sports team, the government or celebrities, but doing so can turn people away rather than entice them in. Save your opinions for a personal account.

Post at the right time 

There’s a time and a place for everything, but 2am on a Sunday night isn’t the time or the place to ask people to buy your product – unless your customers are on the other side of the world! Choose your time to post so it coincides with the time your audience is online.

Be cheeky

If you see something that you will get you noticed, make a cheeky post offering your services. A popular optician is well-known for advertising their brand by jumping on a current topic and making a cheeky remark, which gets people talking and interacting.