Hire a proofreader – because misteaks happen

Yes, that was deliberate so you can safely delete the screenshot and cancel that mocking social media post. However, it is true that mistakes can easily be missed. Even the smallest of details can have a huge impact on your writing, whether it’s for a business or a book. We can all make spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or put commas in the wrong place, but the answer is simple – hire a proofreader.

Why hire a proofreader?

A proofreader will meticulously read every inch of your work, line by line, word by word, which leaves you time to get on with other aspects of your work. 

I can do this myself, right?

Yep, there’s nothing stopping you, in fact it is encouraged as it helps for the future. But, if you created the text, you’re likely to skim read, rather than proofread and that’s how errors get missed.

Proofreading is expensive

While fees are attached to services such as proofreading, many proofreaders, like us, charge by the word, not per hour, so you know how much the invoice will be and avoiding any surprise charges.

Is proofreading necessary?

No, unless you care about the credibility of your business. Sending out sub-par material is unprofessional and is not inviting to potential customers. If it looks like you don’t care about your text, it gives the impression you don’t care about customers either.

What about editing?

Proofreading is the final stage of the publishing process. By the time a piece of work reaches a proofreader, it should have already gone through the various stages of editing. The proofreader than reads line by line to catch errors in the text and make the final polish to make it sparkle.

Where do we come in?

As qualified proofreaders, we will sit down with a cup of coffee and:

Catch Spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors

A simple error can affect your credibility. We check for spelling mistakes, correct punctuation and check grammar to ensure your work is as perfect as possible.

check the fonts and formatting are correct

Everything looks great except…why does that paragraph look different to the rest? We check that your document is all in the correct format before it goes to print.

Check your links

You want to ensure your finished article goes out with working links. We check these to make sure they take you to the right place.

Ensure the style is followed

If you follow a particular style guide, we will ensure your text follows it completely, Oxford comma or not.

Other things to consider before hiring a proofreader

You may think hiring a proofreader is a bit extravagent, but here are four reasons why you should seriously consider it for your business.

Avoid expensive mistakes

It’s not just the cost of getting material reprinted, but the value to your business or reputation. If your work is littered with errors, how can you expect to be taken seriously?

Saving you time

In today’s busy world, a proofreader takes some of the pressure from you, especially as we live in a ‘want it now’ society. Hiring a proofreader leaves you free to get on with other stuff.

Make a good first impression

First impressions are everything. Whether you’re sending marketing material to potential customers or a manuscript to agents, it is vital that your work is error free and grammatically correct.

Another pair of eyes

Because you’re so close to your text, it’s easy to miss something. A proofreader acts as a second pair of eyes on your work to catch the things you’ve missed. This ensures quality in your work.