Hypnocat Writing Solutions To Help Promote Businesses With Press Releases

Bury-based copywriters Hypnocat Writing Solutions have added Press Releases to their already impressive list of services.

In order to help promote their clients and their business, Hypnocat are offering to write a custom press release to suit a desired publication.

“A press release is a great way to get your products and services noticed,” said Hypnocat copywriter Pete Cummings. “A press release is a short news story, written and sent to specific or multiple media outlets when you want to make an announcement. It is another avenue for you to make the outside world aware of your business.

But how could a press release help a business?

“You may be proud of an achievement your business has made. Maybe you want to announce a new product or service to

compliment your existing ones,” Pete explained.

“Maybe you want everyone to know how great your staff are, or highlight an awareness campaign your company is taking part in. Whatever your reason, a press release can be good for your business.

But Pete warned of the need for audience sensitivity, explaining that what works for one publication may not necessarily be appropriate for another.

“Press releases have to be written with the publication’s audience in mind, and if you want the press release to be effective, you have to analyse the readership and understand the target market.

“That’s what we do here at Hypnocat. If a client wants to send a release to multiple publications, we adapt the work, so it appeals to their audience.”

Hypnocat can be contacted via their contact us page, by emailing or by contacting 07526 486518.

They can also be found on:

Twitter: @hypnowriters

Instagram: @hypnowriters

Facebook: @hypnowriters 



How we can help

We can write a press release for your targeted publications, with the fees charged per press release

Press releases

You choose the media outlet and we will write one press release per chosen publication, with their target audience in mind.