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A Recent Success

Newsletters are an ideal way to tell you’re your customers about your achievements and successes.

For example, Hypnocat have successfully created this newsletter page to give you an example of what we can do.

We can take your news, success stories, and anything else you want to inform your customers of and turn it into attractive copy for your customers to enjoy

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Businesses like customers to sign up to their website so they can offer certain benefits to retain their custom. These could be in the form of exclusive offers, or reviews and previews of new products. However, on occasion, these emails would be better sent in the form of newsletters.

Q: How can I keep my customers informed?

A: Newsletters can be an effective tool when it comes to keeping your customers informed. If you have a list of website subscribers, a Newsletter can keep them in touch with things that you are doing. They can advise of a new line of clothing, or a timesaving gadget that customers simply must have.

Q: How often can I request Newsletters?

A: Companies may have events that they would like customers to attend, or maybe they have written some blog pieces that will be of interest. All of this could go into a weekly bi-monthly, or monthly Newsletter that is delivered directly to a customer’s inbox that they can read at their leisure.

Hypnocat Writing Solutions put the choices in your hands


A Newsletter also serves as a reminder to customers that you are still here and gives them a reason to re-visit your site.


Clients of Bury based copywriters Hypnocat Writing Solutions can choose what goes into a Newsletter, whether it is latest news, reviews, or giving your existing customers an opportunity to view new releases before they are available.

Whatever you want to put into it, Hypnocat can get you noticed and remembered.

How we can help with your Newsletters

All newsletter content will be guided by you, and written to the highest standard with your customers or clients in mind.

Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly newsletter

Choose between  weeklybi-monthly  or monthly basis to go out to your subscriber list on the day you prefer, with the content of your choice. We will produce a newsletter for you, on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis to go out to your subscriber list on the day of your choosing, with the content of your choice.