Give your business a boost with Hypnocat’s Leaflets and Brochures Service and get your products out to the public

In today’s digital world, online marketing is more prominent than ever before. Companies are increasingly turning to online adverts to promote their products and services. Whilst this is an effective form of advertising, it allows consumers a chance to scroll past with barely a glance. Leaflets and brochures ensure your products get to the heart of your target audience.

Do I Need A Leaflet Campaign?

Leaflets are still one of the most effective methods for getting your products and services directly to consumers and, more importantly, your target market.

A well-written leaflet that falls through the letterbox of your potential customers, could generate more business than an online campaign would.

Do I need a brochure?

If you have multiple products that you want to show, then a brochure with accompanying images is the way to do it. 

More powerful than a leaflet, a brochure highlights each of your products in more detail, giving your customers the information they need to make a decision.

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How we can help you

We can provide you with targeted copy for your leflets and brochures that goes straight to the heart of your customers, showcasing your products and services to the very people who need them.

Leaflet Campaign

We can provide all the copy you need for an effective leaflet campaign , and work with you to ensure your products or services are fully promoted.


We can write powerful and persuasive text to accompany your images, consistent with your brand, so your brochures can be distributed in confidence .