Indeed Articles

Pete has written several articles for Indeed’s British and Singapore sites that will be published in Spring 2022. Links will appear here as soon as they are live.

What is Business Value? Its Importance and How to Improve it

For this article, Pete explains what business value is and why it is different from, but intricately linked to the value of your business.

This article was not just researched, but also fully understood before writing, which is essential when writing articles of this nature.

For people working in the service industry, this piece is a must read if you want to learn how to market your services. It explains the difference between service and product marketing and ways to improve how you can market your own services effectively.

Why Project Budgeting is Essential for Project Management

Every project needs a budget and this article looks at the importance of project budgeting, what it is and tips on how to create a budget.

Starting a new job can be daunting, therefore, employees should consider assigning a wok buddy to the new employee. This article explains how to do it and the benefits it brings.

For Indeed’s Singapore site, this article explain what the key differences between corporate finance and investment banking are, and the different job roles that come with each.