The Content Wolf is an online magazine dedicated to wellness, mental health, travel and lifestyle. Pete and Gee collaborated on two articles to submit to The Content Wolf, both of which can be read by clicking the links below.

Different ways water can improve your wellbeing

Water is the ultimate elixir of life. We can’t live without it, however Pete and Gee put their heads together and came up with some examples of how water can improve your wellness.

From taking a walk in the rain to relaxation tanks, click the link below and read how versatile water is and how it can help in everyday life.

A weekend on the Fylde Coast: 7 things to keep you entertained

The Fylde Coast gets a bit of a raw deal, mainly because of the reputation of Blackpool. Pete and Gee once again got together and found seven different reasons why you should visit this north west seaside location.

Gorgeous sunsets and historical places, the Fylde Coast shows its natural beauty, proving there is more to this area than people give it credit for.