Specialising in recruitment

Pete’s experience in recruitment means he knows exactly what is needed to attract the right candidates. Below you will find details of his experience in the field and why he would be the perfect copywriter to work with, promote your role effectively and find you the right candidate. Pete has spent over ten years recruiting staff in various positions. He has written job descriptions, person specifications and job adverts that have attracted excellent candidates, as well as taking part in interviews and writing contracts.

Job Adverts

Pete has created job adverts for both online and printed publications. He knows exactly what goes into a job advert and the type of text that is necessary to attract the high calibre of candidate businesses require.

Job Descriptions

Pete has written job descriptions for a variety of roles. He works with the recruiter to take the key aspects of the role and writes the description in such a way that it appeals to the candidate.

Person Specifications

Person Specifications are vital for candidates to match their skills, knowledge and experience to. Pete works with the recruiter to highlight which skills are essential and what the recruiter would like to have. He writes them leaving no ambiguity for the candidate, so the recruiter only gets the most appropriate applicants.

The above examples are clearly for illustration purposes only. It was impossible to use genuine job adverts, descriptions and specifications while simultaneously avoiding a lawsuit. If only we had a time and space manipulation device to see the outcome. Rest assured, your work will be of the highest quality and to your exact specifications.