Get the CV your skills and experience deserves

Your CV is a reflection of you and your experiences, and getting it right is the difference between being invited for interview and becoming just another statistic in the application process. To get the job, you need to get noticed and a professionally written CV, with all the right keywords, will help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re unsure how to do it, hire a CV writer to get you noticed.

The CV – your most important document

When looking for a job, your CV is the single-most important document you’ll need. It is an account of your education, qualifications and work experience, everything a hiring manager needs to assess your abilities and seriously consider you for the role. To be in the frame, your CV must:

be a true reflection

As tempting as it is to add a few embellishments, doing so comes at a huge risk of being caught out. One slip and you can kiss the job goodbye, so why risk it?

Be brief yet concise

So many words, so little space. A CV needs to be no longer than two pages, so you need to get your key points across quickly but effectively. 

Be free from errors

Your CV reflects you, and any errors made, no matter how slight, can give a hiring manager a reason to reject you. If they have been spoilt by a high number of applicants, they are looking for a reason to say no. Don’t give them a simple reason to reject you.

show your achievements

Employers want to know what you can bring if they hire you, so they want to see what you’ve previously done. Showing your achievments is the way to stand out from the crowd and make them want to hire you.

How we can help

With many years’ recruitment experience, we know what employers are looking for, so we can give you an edge over your competition. Hypnocat will:

Evaluate your CV first

Your current CV may just need a few tweaks or a simple update. If that’s the case, we’ll inform you, rather than just doing it.

Update or re-write

We will update and re-write your CV according to what is required after the evaluation.

Use key and power words

You may think these are not required when sending a CV to an employer, but using key and power words will allow you to be found online. We find and use the best words so you can be found on jobsites.

Correct the formatting

The format of your CV is vital. A visually impressive CV, along with the right words, will boost your chances of securing the all important interview. After that, it’s all down to you.

Four things to remember

There are a few things to remember when writing your CV that will help. 

Avoid superfluous information

Details such as address, gender, age, religion and sexuality are to be avoided. By giving this information, you’re giving a hiring manager a opportunity to discriminate against you. Make their job harder!

Never write in the third person

No recruiter wants to read ‘Dave is great with Excel. Dave can write macros and use visual basic.’ You’ll find a hiring manager will not want to hire Dave, especially if you’re not even called Dave!

Include your contact details

There’s nothing worse for a hiring manager who wants to interview you, but sees there’s no contact info. Make sure an email address and phone number are included. Also, if they ring, make sure you answer and don’t send a text saying ‘new fone, who dis?’ Not only is it rude, but the spelling…

Check the cv thoroughly before submitting

Mistakes can easily happen, but you don’t want to see them on your CV, so check through it completely before even thinking about sending. If you can, ask a friend or relative to read over it. First impressions matter; be sure to make a good one.