What is a cover letter?

Your CV sells you, but you also need a document that’s going to sell your CV. And that document is a cover letter.

A cover letter is designed to give a prospective employer enough information to want to read your CV. However, the letter shouldn’t give too much away that they’ll think there’s no point in reading it. They use your letter to see that you understand that you have taken the opportunity seriously. Think of it as a pre-assessment of your CV. It gives you a chance to highlight anything on your CV in more detail.

Of course, you can send your CV on its own and hope for the best. Even if your skills are extremely impressive and you can do the job with your eyes closed, if the employer doesn’t see a cover letter, their interest may quickly wane.

The CV is generic – you can send it off 100 times without needing to change it, but a cover letter is specific to the job that you are going for – and you need to adapt it for every application.

How we can help

Hypnocat Writing Solutions will write you an effective, flexible template that can be adapted to to suit the roles you are applying for. You won’t have to pay for a new letter every time (unless you really want to) and we will offer guidance on how to amend the letter to suit the roles you are applying for.