Are application forms still used?

There was a time when application forms were used more widely than CV’s. Candidates would phone a company to request one, then painstakingly fill in the application by hand. Huge amounts of care had to be taken not to make simple spelling or grammatical mistakes. Such errors would instantly put an employer off.

With the creation of Indeed and LinkedIn, along with recruitment agencies, the world of employment seems determined to use CV’s. How many times when applying for jobs have you seen ‘click here to upload your CV?’

But there are still many places that prefer application forms, and have moved from paper documents to online forms to complete, doing away with worries about spelling and grammar. However there is one section that continues to baffle the job seeker.

The dreaded additional information

This is the section of any application form that all candidates hate, and if you don’t hate it, what is wrong with you? 

But seriously, this is the part that makes or breaks your application. Many employers skip the personal details part. In fact, that part should, in theory, be removed before the hiring manager sees your application to ensure fairness. The manager will then skim your previous employments for anything that stands out – short length of service in jobs, gaps in employment etc, before moving on to this section.

Additional information is used to match your experience with the job. They want to see what you have done and achieved in your previous roles, and how it relates to the job on offer. For example, a person specification may say ‘candidate will need to be proficient using Excel.’ How do you show this?

At Hypnocat, we know that simply saying you can use Excel is not enough, so we show you how to maximise your experience and use words effectively to demonstrate how well you use it.

How we can help

We will work with you, discuss the role you are applying for, and work through the job description and person specification to show the prospective employer why you should be interviewed for the role.

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