Our Team

Up to now, we’ve been all about business and professionalism (well almost). Now here’s a chance to see our fun side. We are a symbiotic husband and wife team who get through the days on coffee, laughter and serious discussions, such as who would win a fight between Batman and Spiderman? (Clue: it isn’t Batman). 

Gee (Bear) Cummings

Designer, Editor and Proofreader

A freelance editor and proofreader, Gee edits and proofreads all Pete’s work, ensuring it is of a high standard before it is sent. Gee is also a published indie author and a scientifically proven super-recogniser, which means if you haven’t paid your bill, she can still identify you five years later (disguises don’t work so don’t even try). 

Pete (Penfold) Cummings

Copywriter, Marketer and HR Professional

Cor chief! As a freelance copywriter, Pete takes care of all copywriting projects. He is also a part-certified Digital Marketer and qualified HR professional. Pete is also a published indie author, with no super-recogniser skills, so he won’t have a clue what you look like five minutes later (disguises not necessary).

What we do in our personal time

What we do in our personal time is nothing to do with you, so please move along, there’s nothing to see here.

How Did Hypnocat Start?

Back to some serious stuff.

For some time, we had been talking about starting a business together, and after both of us lost our jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic, we decided one day (over coffee and donuts) to take the plunge and do something for ourselves.

Both of us are writers so it made sense to work in that industry, and the Copywriting and Proofreading area was ideal for us. We work extremely well together and the time was right, so why not?

All had suffered in some way from the pandemic, so we wanted to offer a service to small and medium businesses to help them get back on their feet.

We also wanted to help people who are looking for jobs, as we have been in that predicament, and we know it isn’t easy. The pandemic left many people unemployed, so if we can help, we will.